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Cell Migration, Polarity, and Morphogenesis

The following DSRB laboratories are interested in cell migration, polarity and morphogenesis.

Greg Bashaw Axon guidance, developmental neuroscience, Slit, Robo, Netrin.

Steve DiNardo

Stem Cell Function; developmental patterning.

Amin Ghabrial How cells make and shape tubular organs
Erica Golemis Connections between cell shape and cell division controls, and linked deregulation of these processes in cancer. Complex protein interactions in cell signaling.
Michael Granato Axonal guidance, nerve regeneration and learning behaviors in zebrafish
Robert Heuckeroth Our research is focused on the molecular and cellular mechanisms that control enteric nervous system development
Olena Jacenko Molecular mechanisms of skeletal development and blood cell differentiation.
Mary Mullins BMP signal transduction; molecular mechanisms of cell specification and maternal control in vertebrates.
Jeanne Myers Molecular biochemistry of the extracellular matrix.
Michael Pack Zebrafish and mouse genetics, developmental biology, cancer, chemical genetics
Richard Poethig miRNA, siRNA, RNAi, developmental genetics, developmental timing, plants.
Jonathan Raper axon guidance, developmental neurobiology, Molecular biology; tissue culture; Protein biochemistry; Videomicroscopy, expression cloning; mouse, chick, zebrafish.
Fabrice Roegiers
My lab is interested in unveiling the molecular mechanisms that control Notch-mediated cell fate decisions during nervous system development.

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