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Genetics of Diabetes and Metabolism

The following G&E laboratories are interested in genetics of diabetes and metabolism
Klaus Kaestner
Using modern genetic approaches (expression profiling, gene targeting, tissue-specific and inducible gene ablation) to understand the molecular mechanisms of organogenesis and physiology of the liver, pancreas and gastrointestinal tract.
Mitchell Lazar
Regulation of gene expression and metabolism by nuclear hormone receptors.
Liming Pei The goal of our research is to understand metabolism and metabolic regulation in both normal physiology and disease states and apply this knowledge to human health and medicine.
Raymond Soccio Nuclear receptors, transcription factors, lipid metabolism, genetic variation, Fatty liver disease, metabolic syndrome, obesity, diabetes
Doris Stoffers
Transcription factors and signal transduction; Embryonic development and adult regeneration of the endocrine pancreas; Relationship of defects in these pathways to the pathophysiology of diabetes mellitus, a disease caused by a deficiency in the production or action of insulin.

Other CAMB laboratories (with research related to G&E) interested in genetics of diabetes and metabolism

Rex Ahima Neuroendocrine regulation of body weight and glucose.
Xianxin Hua Elucidating the critical role of the tumor suppressor Menin in regulation of cell proliferation, leukemia and diabetes; investigating signal transduction and epigenetics co-regulated by transforming growth factor beta (TGF-ß) and Menin.
Michael Pack * Development of the vertebrate digestive system
* Biology and physiology of digestive epithelia and cancers
* High throughput small molecule drug screens
Daniel Rader Genetic regulation of lipid and lipoprotein metabolism and molecular relationship to atherosclerosis.
Patrick Seale We are particularly interested in early determination and specification events; this involves the commitment of mesenchymal stem cells to a preadipose cell fate. We are also exploring pathways that determine the fate (and thus the function) of different types of fat cells.
Katherine Wellen My lab is studying cellular metabolism, particularly how metabolic pathways regulate signal transduction and gene expression in cancer and metabolic disease.
Bryan Wolf Signaling mechanisms of insulin secretion. Cytokines and diabetes.

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