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Genetics of Microbes and Viruses

CAMB laboratories (with research related to G&E) interested in the genetics of microbes and viruses.

Frederic Bushman Virology, HIV, Poxviruses, DNA modifying enzymes, Lateral DNA transfer.
Sara Cherry Genetic and mechanistic studies of viral-host interactions.
Mark Goulian Bacterial regulatory circuits and signal transduction
Elizabeth Grice Genomic approaches to understand host-microbe interactions at the cutaneous surface in health and disease.
Paul Lieberman Genome maintenance and gene expression; Gammaherpesviruses and oncogenesis; Telomere Biology, Chromatin structure and genome stability; Transcription regulation.
Mechthild Pohlschroder Prokaryotic Protein Translocation across Hydrophobic Membranes and Their Substrates.
David Roos Molecular parasitology, host-pathogen interactions, drug targets & resistance mechanisms, evolution of eukaryotic cells & organellar function, genome databases & database mining, comparative genomics, computational biology, Toxoplasma gondii, Plasmodium falciparum.
Matthew Weitzman Virology, Virus Replication, DNA Damage and Repair, Genome Instability, Viral Vectors
Jun Zhu Quorum Sensing, Bacterial pathogenesis, Biofilms, Vibrio cholerae.

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