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Post-Transcriptional Gene Regulation

The following G&E laboratories are interested in post-transcriptional gene regulation

Naiara Aquizu Lopez Our research interest is to better understand human brain complexity in health and disease, with the ultimate goal to uncover therapeutic targets for neurological disorders.
Michael Atchison
Control of Gene Expression, development, and oncogenesis.
Yoseph Barash The lab develops machine learning algorithms that integrate high-throughput data (RNASeq, CLIPSeq , PIPSeq, etc.) to infer RNA biogenesis and function, followed by experimental verifications of inferred mechanisms.
Russ Carstens Study of the molecular mechanisms of alternative splicing.
Gideon Dreyfuss
RNA-binding proteins, nuclear transport of proteins and mRNAs, RNA processing, neurodegenerative disease, high throughput approaches to drug discovery.
Brian Gregory RNA silencing, RNA degradation, RNA stability, microRNAs, small RNAs
Thomas Jongens
Modeling Fragile X Mental Retardation in Drosophila; Germ Cell Specification
Eric Joyce Form and function of nuclear compartments and chromosome positioning
Brett Kaufman
The role of mitochondrial chromatin organization in gene expression, resistance to damage, and genome transmission.
Mitchell Lazar
Regulation of gene expression and metabolism by nuclear hormone receptors.
Stephen Liebhaber
Roles of chromatin structure and epigenetic controls in eucaryotic gene activation; Roles of mRNA-protein interactions in control of eucarytic mRNA stability and expression.
Frank Lee
Molecular mechanisms of the hypoxic response
Kristin Lynch Mechanisms and consequences of alternative pre-mRNA splicing, in particular how splicing patterns change in T cells during an immune response to alter cellular function.
Zissimos Mourelatos
MicroRNAs, RNA interference.
John Murray Combinatorial control of transcription and cell fate specification, C. elegans development, cellular resolution live imaging
Doris Stoffers
Transcription factors and signal transduction; Embryonic development and adult regeneration of the endocrine pancreas; Relationship of defects in these pathways to the pathophysiology of diabetes mellitus, a disease caused by a deficiency in the production or action of insulin.
Kazuko Nishikura
RNA metabolism/processing. RNA editing, RNAi mechanism, apoptosis, cell cycle regulation.
J. Eric Russell Control and function of human embryonic globin genes.
Jeremy Wilusz Regulation of noncoding RNA biogenesis and function
Zhaolan (Joe) Zhou Epigenetic Control of Experience-dependent Gene Expression in Brain Development and Disease

Other CAMB laboratories (with research related to G&E) interested in post-transcriptional gene regulation

Constantinos Koumenis
Tumor hypoxia, Unfolded Protein Response, translational regulation of gene expression.

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