Cell & Molecular Biology Graduate Group


Regenerative Biology

The following DSRB labs are interested in Regenrative Biology:

George Cotsarelis Stem cells; Hair follicle; Wounding; Aging; Skin cancer
Jonathan Epstein Transcriptional regulation of cardiac development and function using mouse models
Michael Granato Axonal guidance, nerve regeneration and learning behaviors in zebrafish
Kurt Hankenson Bone biology; Mesenchymal stem cell; Orthopaedic tissue engineering; Bone regeneration and repair; Osteoporosis; Extracellular Matrix
Robert Heuckeroth Enteric nervous system precursor differentiation, migration, proliferation, axon guidance, and stem cell biology
Sarah Millar Development of hair follicles, mammary glands, taste papillae and teeth; regeneration and neogenesis of hair follicles and teeth; hair follicle, mammary gland and dental stem cells; skin and mammary gland tumorigenesis; microRNA functions in embryonic and postnatal skin and mammary glands; functions of histone deacetylases in skin and hair follicle development and renewal.
Edward Morrisey Lung development, cardiac development, vascular development, Wnt signaling, regulation of gene transcription, GATA factors, forkhead factors