Important Dates

CAMRIS Meeting Dates & Submission Deadlines

CAMRIS holds their monthly review meeting on the 1st week of every month. Occasionally dates may change due to holidays and/or resource conflicts so please be sure to check the website for any changes/updates.

CAMRIS requires NEW protocols submissions to be received by the submission deadlines outlined below.

(Note: Modifications to previously-approved CAMRIS protocols will be reviewed on a rolling basis)


2017-18 CAMRIS Important Dates

December 2017 Review Meeting—12/4 (Mon)
Submission deadline for December meeting—11/16

January 2018 Review Meeting—1/17 (Wed)
Submission deadline for Jan meeting—1/3 (Wed)

February Review Meeting—2/5 (Mon)
Submission deadline for Feb meeting—1/22 (Mon)

March Review Meeting—3/5 (Mon)
Submission deadline for Mar meeting—2/19 (Mon)

April Review Meeting—4/2 (Mon)
Submission deadline for Apr meeting—3/19 (Mon)

May Review Meeting—5/2 (Wed)
Submission deadline for May meeting—4/18 (Wed)

June Review Meeting—6/6/ (Wed)
Submission deadline for June meeting—5/23 (Wed)

July Review Meeting—7/9 (Mon)
Submission deadline for July meeting—6/25 (Mon)

August Review Meeting—8/6 (Mon)
Submission deadline for  Aug meeting—7/23 (Mon)

September Review Meeting—9/10 (Mon)
Submission deadline for Sept meeting—8/27 (Mon)

October Review Meeting—10/1 (Mon)
Submission deadline for  Oct meeting—9/17 (Mon)

November Review Meeting—11/5 (Mon)
Submission deadline for Nov meeting—10/22 (Mon)

December Review Meeting—12/3 (Mon)
Submission deadline for Dec meeting—11/19 (Mon)


How do I submit to CAMRIS?  

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