Department of Psychiatry
Penn Behavioral Health

2016 Principles and Practice of CBT-I Seminar: November 3-5, 2016, Philadelphia, PA

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Group Supervision

Weekly case review webinar

Practitioners who are new to CBT-I, and Behavioral Sleep Medicine in general, are likely to have ongoing questions about the nuances of treatment implementation. In order to provide ongoing support we will be offering a weekly case review seminar that is offered over the internet. For one hour each week, participants can take part in the webinar from any computer with internet access and a phone. Participants will have the opportunity to present and ask questions about their own cases, as well as engage in discussion about the cases of other group members. It is important to note that the purpose of this program is to provide guidance on the implementation of CBT-I, not to provide direct supervision for clinical cases. Access to the weekly CBT-I webinar can be purchased in 6-month segments (24 weekly 1 hour sessions) for $480.

Please contact Dr. Phil Gehrman about this opportunity at