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Welcome to the CCT

The Center for Cognitive Therapy provides an active, directive, problem-focused outpatient therapy for a variety of clinical concerns, including mood disorders, anxiety and panic, life stressors, and many other issues. Patients will meet with a caring, respectful professional who will listen to their concerns, conceptualize the problem, and assist them in generating solutions and in building better psychological skills. The short-term and long-term benefits of cognitive therapy (also known as cognitive-behavioral therapy) have been strongly supported by a wealth of research.

Important News!

Two valued members of our Center for Cognitive Therapy (CCT) team retired at the end of 2012. Tina Inforzato, our longtime administrative assistant, and Dr. Rita Ryan, one of our full-time faculty therapists left to begin new chapters in their lives. We wish them both well, though we certainly miss them very much. 

For former patients of Dr. Ryan, please know that we can arrange for you to see someone else here at the CCT if you wish to resume your treatment. Feel free to call me (Dr. Newman) directly at 215-898-3466 if you would like to inquire further.

For all of our patients, Tina’s departure means that patients now check in on the Mezzanine Level (with Rebecca Goodman in the Penn Medicine suite, right above the Subway sandwich shop), and then coming up to the 2nd floor as usual to fill out your BDI, BAI, and BHS mood questionnaires and to wait in the main waiting area for your therapist to come greet you.

Visit our Director's Corner for additional information