Cell and Developmental Biology Microscopy Core

Manuals and Tutorials

Addgene Fluorescent Protein Guide: One-stop shopping for fluorescent proteins and biosensors

Clontech Fluorescent Protein Selection Guide: A handy collection of information on Clontech's line of fluorescent proteins

Leica Guide to STED sample preparation: A must-read for anyone planning to use the Core's STED super-resolution system

ImageJ User's guide: An essential reference for all users of ImageJ or Fiji (see Free Software section).

Imaris Learning Center: Video tutorials and application notes designed to help new users of Imaris (commercial image analysis software available in our Core).

Volocity online training: The online training videos have been moved to a YouTube channel, as Volocity is no longer supported by Perkin-Elmer.

OpenSPIM wiki page on sample preparation: detailed protocols for preparing zebrafish and Drosophila for lightsheet microscopy

Zeiss Lightsheet Z.1 Sample Prep: Detailed instructions from Zeiss on preparing samples for the Lightsheet

FileZilla Instructions: Detailed instructions on how to use FileZilla client to connect to the Core's sFTP server

Office of Research Integrity online learning tool and guidelines for image processing and manipulation

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