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Biostatistics and Data Management Core Services

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  • Statistical Expertise
  • Informatics Expertise
  • HIV Sequencing Analysis
  • Clinical Core Database and Specimen Repository

    The Penn CFAR Clinical Core maintains and facilitates access to a clinical care database for use in studying the epidemiology of HIV/AIDS, for evaluating feasibility of intervention studies, and for facilitating conduct of such studies. The Clinical Core Database and Specimen Repository can be used to identify potential subjects for study or can be used as a tool for independent clinical investigation.

    Data and samples available to investigators include:

    • Demographics
    • Biological Specimens
    • Medical History
    • Previous Antiviral Treatments
    • Present Antiviral Treatments
    • Sexual History
    • Adherence Questions
    • Alcohol and Drug Use
    • Hepatitis Treatment
    • Metabolics
    • CES-D (Center for Epidemiologic Studies-Depression)
    • Clinical Laboratory Measures

    For a further look at what is available, you can download the Case Report Form (CRF) that patients are given at intake and the Follow-up CRFthat is done at subsequent visits.

    Consultations, queries of the Databases, and access to specimens from the Specimen Repository are provided to CFAR investigators and their collaborators by request.

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    Service Contact:
    Debbie Gudonis, HUP Research Coordinator
    Phone: 215-662-2429

    Downloads:Query Request Form
    Intake CRF
    Follow-up CRF

  • Short Course on Biostatistics

All requests for Core involvement in CFAR research projects or for consultation on biostatistical or date management issues should be made via Dr. Ellenberg or Dr. Ratcliffe.

Searches of the Clinical Core Database are handled by Ted Barrell.

Visit the Contact Info page for contact details.