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Danielle Fiore

Atlas Ti - Qualitative Data Analysis

In the course of qualitative analysis, ATLAS.ti helps you to explore the complex phenomena hidden in your textual and multimedia data. For coping with the inherent complexity of the tasks and data, ATLAS.ti offers a powerful, intuitive environment that keeps you focused on the materials to be analyzed. It offers sophisticated tools to manage, extract, compare, explore, and reassemble meaningful segments of large amounts of data in flexible and creative, yet systematic ways.

Atlas TI

- ACASI Development

MediaLab helps both technologically savvy and technologically challenged researchers with their creation of powerful computerized experiments. Created specifically for the Windows environment, MediaLab combines smart experimental design features with the capabilities of today?s powerful multi-media PC technology. Highly intuitive and user-friendly, MediaLab comes with extensive interactive help files, an easy-to-follow 93-page manual, sample experiments and a simple tutorial to help you get started right away. You will be able to start creating fully-functional basic experiments in 15 to 20 minutes.
Adobe Contribute - Website Content Management

Adobe® Contribute® CS4 software enables users to collaboratively author, review, and publish web content while maintaining site integrity ? without learning HTML.
Adobe Contribute
UCINET 5 - Software for Social Network Analysis

A comprehensive package for the analysis of social network data as well as other 1-mode and 2-mode data. Can read and write a multitude of differently formatted text files, as well as Excel files. Can handle a maximum of 32,767 nodes (with some exceptions) although practically speaking many procedures get too slow around 5,000 - 10,000 nodes. Social network analysis methods include centrality measures, subgroup identification, role analysis, elementary graph theory, and permutation-based statistical analysis. In addition, the package has strong matrix analysis routines, such as matrix algebra and multivariate statistics


  • Projector (Qty: 1)
    Infocus In1100 XGA DLP Multimedia Ultraportable
  • Digital Recorder (Qty: 2)
    Olympus VN-4100PC Digital Voice Recorder
  • Tabletop Microphone (Qty: 2)
    Sony ECM-CR120 Omnidirectional Business and Conference Microphone (for use with the digital recorder)
  • Digital Camera (Qty: 1)
    Nikon - Coolpix 13.5-Megapixel Digital Camera
  • Touch Screen Monitor (Qty: 2)
    For use as an input device for ACASIs