Penn Center for AIDS Research

CFAR, ITMAT and Penn Chronobiology Pilot Program

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CFAR, ITMAT and the Penn Chronobiology program invite applications for pilot awards to investigate links between circadian physiology and comorbidities of HIV infection. These comorbidities include metabolic syndrome and diabetes, immune dysfunction, and signs of premature aging such as osteoporosis, accelerated cardiovascular disease, and neurocognitive decline. Circadian clocks have profound effects on most aspects of physiology, but little is known about their relevance to the progression of AIDS. This call for applications seeks to address such gaps in our knowledge and to develop data that will enable future extramural grant applications. We encourage collaborative and interdisciplinary grants, which include investigators new to either or both fields. Please note that eligibility is limited to faculty, and post-docs are not eligible.

Proposals should include the following:

  • Brief 2-page scope of work, highlighting the specific goals, overall approach, and significance to HIV/AIDS and Chronobiology
  • Biosketches for all investigators
  • Budget (not to exceed $40K; PI salary, if any, capped at 10% of total award)
  • Budget justification

Proposals will be reviewed by a panel of experienced investigators. For further information or questions, please contact Kate Gordon, Associate Director, Penn Center for AIDS Research at

Recipients of the CFAR, ITMAT and Penn Chronobiology Pilot Program

Fiscal Year Investigators Title of Project
2016 Carsten Skarke, M.D. Mapping the human HIV Chronobiome.