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Clinical Core Services

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To request Clinical Core Services, please complete the Query Request Form. Questions concerning guidance in competing the form should be directed to Debbie Gudonis, Clinical Core Research Coordinator. Questions concerning study design or availability of services should be directed to Ian Frank, Director, Clinical Core or Robert Gross, Co-Director, Clinical Core.

The Penn AIDS Clinical Trials Unit (ACTU) carries out clinical trials studying new treatments against HIV infection, AIDS, and AIDS-related opportuniistic infections. For additional information regarding current studies conducted by the Penn ACTU, visit the AIDS Clinical Trials Unit (ACTU) website.

Core Service Contact:
Debbie Gudonis
Clinical Core Research Coordinator
Phone: 215-360-0470

Ian Frank
Director, Clinical Core
Phone: 215-662-7419
Cell: 215-964-1077

Robert Gross
Co-Director, Clinical Core
Phone: 215-898-2437