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To request Clinical Core Services, please complete the Query Request Form. Questions concerning guidance in competing the form should be directed to Debbie Gudonis, Clinical Core Research Coordinator. Questions concerning study design or availability of services should be directed to Ian Frank, Director, Clinical Core or Robert Gross, Co-Director, Clinical Core.

The Clinical Core is currently beta-testing a password protected web-based link to the Adult/Adolescent Database and Specimen Repository that will allow investigators to perform independent searches of the Database, download data, and check for the availability of specimens in the Adult/Adolescent Specimen Repository with specified characteristics. The link should go live in mid-October.

The Penn AIDS Clinical Trials Unit (ACTU) carries out clinical trials studying new treatments against HIV infection, AIDS, and AIDS-related opportuniistic infections. For additional information regarding current studies conducted by the Penn ACTU, visit the AIDS Clinical Trials Unit (ACTU) website.

Core Service Contact:
Debbie Gudonis
Clinical Core Research Coordinator
Phone: 215-360-0470

Ian Frank
Director, Clinical Core
Phone: 215-662-7419
Cell: 215-964-1077

Robert Gross
Co-Director, Clinical Core
Phone: 215-898-2437


The Clinical Core Database

The Penn CFAR Clinical Core maintains and facilitates access to the Adult/Adolescent and Pediatric Databases for use in studying the clinical epidemiology of HIV/AIDS, for evaluating the feasibility of interventional studies, and for facilitating the conduct of such studies. The Clinical Core Databases can be used to identify potential subjects for study or can be used as a tool for independent clinical investigation.

Examples of data available to investigators include:

  • Demographics
  • Medical History and Diagnoses
  • Antiretroviral Treatments
  • Adherence Questions
  • Viral Hepatitis Test Results and Treatment History
  • Clinical Laboratory Measures
  • Alcohol and Drug Use
  • Sexual History
  • Depression
  • Healthcare Utilization

For a further look at the available information, you can download the Case Report Form (CRF) that patients are given at intake and the Follow-up CRF that is done at subsequent visits. Data concerning sexual risk behaviors and substance use are still collected with these forms. NOTE ON AVAILABLE DATA: As of May 2015 we are collecting more detailed data on Pill use-specifically prescription opiates, MDMA, benzodiazepines and sedatives.  All data collected prior to May 2015 will not include this breakdown (i.e. will only say pills).

In addition, data is available from the Penn Data Store, the central repository of clinical data from outpatient and inpatient records maintained within the University of Pennsylvania Health System. Data from all healthcare encounters, laboratory and radiology test results, procedure records, time updated medication lists, and diagnostic and therapeutic services performed within the Penn Healthcare System are available.

To request database access or if you have questions about the Adult/Adolescent Database, please complete the Query Request Form and or contact Debbie Gudonis.

Access or questions regarding the Pediatric Database should be sent to Rick Rutstein, CFAR Clinical Core Co-Director for Pediatrics.

Core Services Contact:
Debbie Gudonis
Clinical Core Research Coordinator
Phone: 215-360-0470

Rick Rutstein, M.D.
CFAR Clinical Core Co-Director for Pediatrics
Phone: 215-590-1466

Database Query Charges: $50/hour