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Inter-CFAR Collaborations: Biostatistics Network

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CFAR Biostatistics Network

Biostatistical methods play a central role in advancing HIV research. The CFAR Biostatistics Network (CBN) comprises statisticians collaborating with HIV investigators at CFARs nationwide. The CBN meets annually at the Joint Statistical Meetings. Our most recent initiative is focused on building biostatistics capacity and infrastructure in Sub Saharan Africa, where considerable NIH-funded research is being conducted. The NIAID recently cosponsored a conference on this topic, organized by Mizrak Gezmu and several CBN members, from which a White Paper will be produced.

The CBN is maintained as a google group at:
Please join the group to be added to the listserv.

In an effort to encourage cross-CFAR collaboration, the CBN currently is developing a list to catalog member statisticians and their particular areas of expertise. For more information about the CBN, contact Susan Ellenberg at UPenn or Joe Hogan at Brown.

Minutes from CBN Meetings: