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Inter-CFAR Collaborations: HIV/TB Working Group

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HIV/TB Working Group

Nearly one third of the world's population is infected with Tuberculosis, and TB is the main cause of death among HIV-infected people in the developing world, where more than 50% of people with active TB are HIV co-infected. The pathogenesis, immune control, diagnosis and treatment of TB in HIV-infected people is therefore one of the most critical issues in the field of HIV/AIDS research.

Over the past year, a group of CFAR investigators interested in the interface of TB and HIV have come together to form a national working group, with the goal of stimulating inter-CFAR collaborations on this critical coinfection.

The working group is organized around 4 interest groups:

1. Molecular pathogenesis of TB/HIV coinfection
2. Immunopathogenesis of coinfection
3. Diagnosis of TB in HIV infected children and adults
4. Treatment, clinical trials and implementation science

The goals of the group are: developing shared research agendas, identifying potential inter-CFAR shared resources, and stimulating collaborative projects.

The HIV/TB coinfection working group maintains a website with a centralized listing of coinfection researchers and contact information, ongoing projects, and coinfection related resources at each of the 21 CFARs, along with relevant educational resources. The goal of this website is to enhance collaborations through information sharing and openness. Visit our website at:

If you are interested in joining the Inter-CFAR HIV/TB Working group, being added to the email list, or participating in conference calls, please contact Ron Collman.