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Social and Behavioral Sciences Research Network (SBSRN)

SBSRN attendees

The central mission of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Research Network (SBSRN) is to articulate a national research agenda through the linkage of fellow behavioral scientists/researchers in the field, regardless of CFAR affiliation, to scientists at the 20 Centers for AIDS Research (CFARs) funded by the NIH. The main goals of the SBSRN include encouraging the sharing of resources; hosting an annual scientific meeting; providing a forum for a national mentoring program for junior and translational investigators, and promoting collaborative multi-site research.

The SBSRN was developed through the leadership of Drs. David Metzger and Michael Blank (Penn CFAR Behavioral & Social Sciences Core) and Drs. Gina Wingood and Ralph DiClemente (Emory CFAR Behavioral Core) to provide infrastructure for collaborations between Behavioral Cores across the CFAR network. Its first meeting was held at the University of Pennsylvania in October 2006.

See SBSRN Online for news, updates, and information about the Social and Behavioral Sciences Research Network.

The 7th Annual SBSRN National Scientific Meeting will take place at George Washington University October 23-24, 2013. Visit the website for more information: