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Inter-CFAR HIV/AIDS Malignancy (iCHARM) Working Group

The iCHARM working group began as a collaboration between the Penn and UCSF-GIVI CFARs to address on-going basic, clinical, and epidemiologic issues in AIDS-related malignancies, which are continuing in the U.S. and worsening in developing countries.

This working group first met in Birmingham in 2006, a meeting which led to support ($550,000) from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) for the iCHARM Developmental Grants Program that was offered in FY08 to all CFARs and their affiliated NCI-designated Cancer Centers.

This program was followed in FY09 and FY10 by NCI-sponsored RFAs for supplemental funds to CFARs and NCI-designated Cancer Centers in AIDS-related malignancy research. Visit our AIDS-Related Malignancies Supplemental Grant Program for more information.

The iCHARM working group represents the first national developmental grants program conducted by CFARs and has been a clear indication of the added value CFARs can provide to address this on-going aspect of the AIDS epidemic. Importantly, it has positioned CFARs to work with the National Cancer Institute (NCI) on future funding opportunities that can address challenges that AIDS-related cancers continue to pose.

The iCHARM working group most recently met on November 4, 2009 at the National CFAR Meeting in Nashville, TN. See the iCHARM Meeting Agenda for November 2009.