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Immunology Core Services

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The Immunology Core provides a wide range of services and reagents to benefit the immunological research of the Penn CFAR Community. Services are provided by facilities in both the University of Pennsylvania and the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute and are housed at several sites. Services include:

  • Primary Cell Purification (Riley Lab, 8th Floor Similow Center for Translational Research)
    • Freshly isolated primary PBMCs, CD4, CD8, T cells, NK, monocytes and B cells
    • CCR5 deficient T cells and monocytes from Δ32 donors
  • Standard Immunological Assays (12th Floor Abramson Research Center, CHOP)
    • Cell Based Assays
    • Flow Based Assays and Services
  • Cellular, Humoral and Molecular Immunology assays (HIC, 410 & 704 Stellar Chance)
    • Specimen Processing, Banking and Sample Shipment
    • Luminex Assays
    • Flow Cytometry
    • ELISA
    • Sequencing of Human and Murine IgH rearrangement
    • Sequencing of Human TCR Vβ Rearrangements
    • Amplification and cloning of Ig rearrangements
    • Data analysis pipeline for repertoire studies
    • Customized data analysis
    • Scientific Consultation and Assay Development
  • BSL-3 Cell Sorting Facility
  • Small Animal Model of HIV-1 Infection


BSL-3 Cell Sorting Facility

The BSL3 Cell Sorting Facility allows investigators working with pathogenic agents such as HIV, SIV, Hepatitis and HTLV-1, among others, to carry out flow cytometry and cell sorting with live, unfixed material. By having access to a state-of-the-art cell sorter, users of the facility are able to perform most sophisticated flow cytometric analyses.The facility is equipped with a BD FACSVantage SE flow cytometer from BD Biosciences (San Jose, CA) with a wide array of options. The TurboSort Plus™ option allows sorting at higher sheath pressures (up to 60psi) and generation of higher drop drive frequencies (up to 99K), permitting high-speed sorting. The BD FACS DiVa Option takes advantage of the latest digital electronics, permitting faster signal processing, full interbeam compensation, four-way sorting (QuadraSort™), software compensation (via a matrix spillover coefficient) and new sort masks for improved conflict resolution (resulting in better purity and sort yields). The sorter is also equipped with the BD Aerosol Management Option to rapidly evacuate aerosolized particles within the enclosed sort chamber. The unit has 3 lasers and 8 fluorescence detectors.Along with 2 detectors for light scatter and time, 11 parameters are available, with future additions permitted by the digital electronics. The primary laser is a four-watt water - cooled argon laser, which can be easily tuned to 488nm or 514nm excitation wavelengths. The second laser is a six-watt water-cooled krypton laser, which can provide excitation in the violet (407nm or 413nm) or ultraviolet (351 and 356nm). The third laser is an air-cooled red helium-neon laser emitting at 633nm. This combination provides a wide array of useful excitation laser lines, from ultraviolet to near-ultraviolet and throughout the visible spectrum.

The Core Facility is equipped and experienced to meet the needs of our investigators for applications such as high-speed sorting, eight color sorting, immunophenotyping cell tracking, cell proliferation, apoptosis, cell viability, DNA Total Content, SP cells (Hoechst 33342), fluorescent proteins (CFP, GFP, YFP, and RFP), FRET studies (CFP/YFP) and calcium studies (Indo-1). Auto Cloning into 96-well plates and four-way sorting is also readily available. Additional protection is afforded to the operator, wearing a disposable gown and hood, and breathing HEPA purified air through a powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR). The cell sorter is located in a BSL3 suite, with controlled access limited to the operator

Visit the Flow Cytometry & Cell Sorting Resource Laboratory website for more information including pricing, contacts, and scheduling resources.