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HIV-1 Cell-Associated Integrated and Total Viral DNA (vDNA)

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Efforts towards Eradication and Functional Cure require accurate assessment of the viral reservoir. Recent studies have demonstrated that a new and highly tractable measurement—integrated viral DNA—is highly correlated with functional assays of inducible infectious reservoir size, and a superior surrogate for reservoir size when compared to PCR-based assays for other HIV intermediates 1, 2. This assay was developed and validated by Dr. Una O'Doherty, through whom it is now available within the Viral/Molecular Core to CFAR investigators.

Services offered:

  1. Initial Consultation and Experimental Design
  2. DNA Purification
  3. Measurement of Total and Integrated HIV DNA


Core Service Contact:
Una O'Doherty, M.D., Ph.D.
Core Investigator, Viral/Molecular Core
Phone: 215-573-7273

Integrated HIV DNA v Viral Intermediates

Two recent studies showed that integration correlated with IUPM while other viral intermediates did not. Integrated HIV DNA and IUPM was measured in patients on HAART for more than 3 years (black filled circles) and in elite controllers (open circles).

1. Graf EH, O'Doherty U. Quantitation of integrated proviral DNA in viral reservoirs. Current opinion in HIV and AIDS 2013,8:100-105.
2. Liszewski MK, Yu JJ, O'Doherty U. Detecting HIV-1 integration by repetitive-sampling Alu-gag PCR. Methods 2009,47:254-260.