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Core Service Contact:
Farida Shaheen, PhD.
Technical Director, Viral and Molecular Core
Tel: 215-898-5180
Fax: 215-573-4446


Viral Genetic Analysis (from viral RNA or proviral DNA)

The Core will carry out sequence analysis of specific region of the HIV-1 genome by DNA PCR amplification from proviral DNA or real time PCR from viral RNA. Depending on CFAR investigators' needs, this can be using bulk PCR product analysis, or through the generation of individual clones followed by clonal sequence analysis. We will provide nucleotide and predicted amino acid sequence analysis, multiple nucleotide alignment by ClustalW/ClustalX, and multiple amino acid alignment for functional comparisons. Each service is designed in consultation with the CFAR investigator and adapted to his/her specific needs. Cost depends on the specific project based on length of sequence, number of clones for sequence, type of analysis, etc.

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