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Core personnel are available to work with CFAR investigators in all aspects of viral and molecular experimental design. This includes aspects of in vitro virology experiments, assistance with design of primer/probe sets for realtime qPCR or data analysis, advice regarding virological characterization, etc. A major emphasis in the High Density Sequencing services is consultation and advice in the design of experiments that will optimally utilize this powerful technology, and in bioinformatic approaches required for analysis.

Virology Contacts:

Core Director
Ronald G. Collman, M.D.
Technical Director
Farida Shaheen, Ph.D.
215-573-4446 (fax)

High Density Sequencing Contact:

Core Co-Director
Frederic Bushman, Ph.D.

Single Genome Amplification Contact:

Core Investigator
Beatrice Hahn, M.D.
Technical Director
Frederic Bibollet-Ruche, Ph.D.