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A major goal of the Viral/Molecular Core is to assist young investigators gain the skills and experience needed to enter the area of HIV/AIDS research. In addition to specific training and consultation services described above, the Core Director and Co-Directors will provide new investigators in the relevant areas with support through regular contact; abstract, manuscript and grant review advice; assistance with interfacing with other senior investigators; and other support as needed. These services may be initiated directly through contacts with the Viral/Molecular Core, or organized through the CFAR Developmental Core including mentorship for Developmental Pilot Grant awardees to assist in successful completion of their projects and competition for subsequent funding, or aid in improving unsuccessful Development Pilot Grants for future successful competetive applications. Contact the Core Director/Co-Directors directly, or through the Penn CFAR Developmental Core.

Core Director
Ronald G. Collman, M.D.
Core Co-Director
Frederic Bushman, Ph.D.
Core Investigator:
Beatrice Hahn, M.D.
Core Investigator:
Una O'Doherty, M.D., Ph.D.