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Viral / Molecular Core Virology Services

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Ordering Information:
Order Virology Support services through the Path BioResource at Penn. Instructions for the Path BioResource can be found here on the CFAR website or on the Path BioResource site itself.

Core Service Contact:
Farida Shaheen, Ph.D.
Technical Director, Viral and Molecular Core
Tel: 215-898-5180
Fax: 215-573-4446


Amplification and QA of virus stocks

The Core generates a high titer working stock of virus from seed stocks provided by CFAR Investigators. Working stocks are amplified in PBMC (or other permissive cells if appropriate), quantified by p24 antigen content, confirmed as mycoplasma-free by PCR analysis and validated by sequence analysis of the V3 region.

We will also generate virus stocks from infectious molecular clones (full-length or 5?/3? hemi-genome co-transfection) by 293T transfection (several standard molecular clones available through the Core, or from molecular clones provided by investigator). Virus will be provided as a primary transfection supernatant or, if requested, virus can be further amplified in permissive cells. If necessary, we will grow up plasmids containing proviral clones for users using bacterial growth conditions that minimize homologous recombination. With the investigator?s permission, the viruses may also be added to the Virus Repository.

The CFAR member charges for virus stock growth are:

  • $250 per amplification in PBMC of standard virus stock (15 tubes)
  • $200 per amplification in cell line (15 tube)
  • $175 for viral stock from 293T cells transfection with infectious proviral clone (15 tubes)
  • $50 for viral plasmid growth
  • Additional services available upon request