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Core Service Contact:
Farida Shaheen, Ph.D.
Technical Director, Viral and Molecular Core
Tel: 215-898-5180
Fax: 215-573-4446


Virus isolation from clinical samples

The Core will isolate HIV-1 from plasma, PBMC, fluids, or tissues provided by CFAR investigators (under approval of his/her human subjects IRB approval, if appropriate). Isolation can be done using either standard PBMC coculture methods or high stringency CD8-depleted cells. Cultures are typicaly maintained for up to 6 weeks.

Isolates will be provided as a tissue culture supernatant seed stock. Stocks are quantified by p24 antigen content and confirmed mycoplasma-free before distribution.

Arrangements should be made in advance for isolation set-up using the Isolation Request Form and calling 215-898-5180.




Virus Isolation - PBMC or plasma


Virus isolation - tissue or other source


Virus isolation/high stringency (4 weeks)


Virus isolation/high stringency (8 weeks)