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Ordering Information:
Order Virology Support services through the Path BioResource at Penn. Instructions for the Path BioResource can be found here on the CFAR website or on the Path BioResource site itself.

Core Service Contact:
Farida Shaheen, Ph.D.
Technical Director, Viral and Molecular Core
Tel: 215-898-5180
Fax: 215-573-4446


Virus phenotyping (SI / NSI and R5 / R5X4 / X4 analysis)

MT-2 assay to determine the syncytia-inducing (SI) versus non-syncytia-inducing (NSI) phenotype.

Viral coreceptor phenotyping (R5, X4, R5X4) in one of several cell-based coreceptor assays, to be selected in discussion with the requesting investigator.

Charge for the MT-2 SI/NSI or coreceptor phenotyping assay: $80 per sample for CFAR members.