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Core Service Contact:
Farida Shaheen, Ph.D.
Technical Director, Viral and Molecular Core
Tel: 215-898-5180
Fax: 215-573-4446


HIV-1 viral isolate repository

The Viral/Molecular Core maintains a Virus Repository with high quality stocks of HIV-1 prototype and primary isolates of various phenotypes, including drug resistant viruses and accessory gene mutants. Viruses are grown in permissive cells, titered by p24 antigen content, verified by V3 sequence fingerprinting and confirmed mycoplasma-free by PCR. They are available in 0.5 ml aliquots. We frequently add new viruses to the repository, so if there is an isolate you would like to use and do not find here, please


As an added convenience for Penn CFAR members, we have stocks of frequently-used UNAIDS/NIH AIDS Repository isolates, and a blanket MTA in place so individual investigators do not need to complete paperwork and MTA individually.

The viruses available include:

Prototype HIV-1 Strains   Primary HIV-1 Isolates
  T-tropic or X4/SI
M-tropic or R5
Neonatal Isolates
Dual-Tropic Primary Isolates
Drug-Resistant Isolates
Transmitted Founder Isolates
Chronic Control Isolates
HIV-1 mutant viruses   SIV/SHIV Strains

Virus can be obtained by completing the Reagent Request Form and calling 215-898-5180 to arrange pickup. Costs are outlined below (per vial containing 0.5 ml virus stock).

HIV-1 primary M-tropic $16.50 per vial
HIV-1 primary T or dual-tropic $16.50 per vial
HIV-1 prototype M-tropic $16.50 per vial
HIV-1 prototype T- or dual-tropic $15.50 per vial
HIV-1 mutants $16.50 per vial
SIV/SHIV $20.00 per vial