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HIV-1 Mutant Viruses 89.6 (R5X4)
  89.6Δ nef
  89.6Δ vpr
  89.6Δ vpu
  89.6Δ nef/vpr
  89.6Δ nef/vpu
  89.6Δ vpr/vpu
  89.6Δ nef/vpr/vpu
Reference: Balliet JW, et al. Virology 200:623-631, 1994
CD4-independent strain 8X (X4/SI): molecularly cloned derivative of HIV-1/3B that can use CXCR4 in a CD4-indpendent manner.

Hoffman et al., PNAS. 1999 May 5;96(11):6359-64.
Edwards TG, et al. J Virol. 2001 Jun;75(11):5230-9.

Viruses can be obtained by completing the Reagent Request Form and calling 215-898-5180 to arrange pickup.
* molecularly cloned virus (others are uncloned isolates).
1. Requires compliance with MTA guidelines, available from the Virus Core.
2. UNAIDS isolate which requires registration with NIH AIDS Reference Reagent Program and
compliance with MTA guidelines.