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For isolates not listed below, please contact the Viral / Molecular Core.


NL43 - (X4/SI): molecular cloned recombinant generated from two distinct proviral clones
Gen Bank: M19921
Reference: Adachi A, et al. J Virol 59:284, 1986.

3B (X4/SI): uncloned lab-passaged viral swarm
Gen Bank: X01762
References: Popovic M, Read-Connole E, Gallo R. Lancet ii: 1472, 1984 , Popovic M, et al. Science 224:497, 1984.


JRFL (R5/NSI): brain tissue isolate (same patient as JRCSF), highly macrophage-tropic
Gen Bank: U63632
Reference: Koyanagi Y, et al. Science 236:819, 1987.

JRCSF (R5/NSI): Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) isolate, poorly macrophagic-tropic (same patient as JRFL)
Reference: Haltiner M, Kempe T, Tijan R. Nucleic Acids Res 13:1015m 1985.
ADA (R5/NSI): blood isolate, serially passaged in macrophages, highly macrophage-tropic
Reference: Gendelman HE, et al. J Exp Med 167:1428, 1988.
BAL (R5/NSI): lung isolate, serially passaged in macrophages, highly macrophage-tropic
Gen Bank: M68893

Reference: Gartner S, et al. Science 233:215, 1986.
YU2 (R/NSI): brain tissue isolate (molecularly cloned virus*-cloned directly from brain tissue without culture)
Reference: Li Y, et al. J Virol 65:3973, 1991.
SF162 (R5/NSI): Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) isolate
Gen Bank: M65024
Reference: Cheng-Mayer C, Levy JA. Ann Neurol 23:S58, 1988.


89.6 - (R5X4 / SI): blood isolate (molecularly cloned virus)*
Gen Bank: U39362
Reference: Collman R, et al. J Virol 66:7517, 1992

DH12 - (R5X4 / SI): blood isolate (molecularly cloned virus)*
Gen Bank:
AF069139; AF069140
References: Shibata R, et al., J Virol. 1995 , Cho, MW, et al. J Virol. 1998

R3A - (R5X4 / SI): Molecular cloned R5X4 HIV-1 containing a highly cytopathic dual-tropic R5X4 Env obtained from an individual with acute infection who experienced rapid disease progression. Virus stock is derived from infectious molecular clone carrying the R3A env in NL4-3 background, provided by Dr. J. Hoxie.
Reference: Nolan KM, et al. J Virol., 83(8):3798-809, 2009., Meissner EG, et al. Virology, 328(1):74-88, 2004.

Virus can be obtained by completing the Reagent Request Form and calling 215-898-5180 to arrange pickup.
* molecularly cloned virus (others are uncloned isolates).
1 Requires compliance with MTA guidelines, available from the Virus Core.
2 UNAIDS isolate which requires registration with NIH AIDS Reference Reagent Program and compliance with MTA guidelines.