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Immunology Core TechThe mission of the Immunology Core (Core E) is to further innovative, interdisciplinary and translational research that enhances our understanding of the pathogenesis and immunopathogenesis of HIV/AIDS; provides new approaches toward understanding cellular, humoral and innate responses to HIV; and develops novel HIV therapy and vaccine strategies. To achieve these goals, the Core provides state-of-the-art immunological services and reagents; specialized technology; leadership, expertise and advice; and collaborative support in the area of immunological research to the Penn CFAR community. The Core also works closely with the Perelman School of Medicine Human Immunology Core (HIC).

The CFAR Immunology Core works with other Cores on campus to provided immunological services to the HIV-1 community. Keep up to date with the latest news via the Penn CFAR Immunology Core Newsletter.

In collaboration with the Flow Cytometry Core, we help support cell sorting of infectious material (BLS3 sorting). Please visit their website to learn more and to schedule this service.

In collaboration with the Xenograft Core, we help and support researchers who wish to perform HIV-1 related studies in this exciting new model. Please contact Dr. Jim Riley and/or Dr. Danet to learn more on how to use this service.

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