Penn Center for AIDS Research

Other NIH Supplemental Funding Opportunities

The National Institutes of Health occasionally make supplemental funding available through the Penn Center for AIDS Research institutional grant. Past supplemental fundings include the iCHARM program and the AIDS-Related Malignancies Pilot Projects.

When supplemental funding becomes available, you can find information here.

In March of 2016, the NIH announced a new administrative supplement opportunity to support a broad range of highly innovative research projects and pilot studies to address key gaps in our understanding of HIV/AIDS. These supplements were designed to support early stage investigators who have not yet received an NIH award in HIV/AIDS research, as well as established investigators in non-HIV fields who have never received an NIH research award for HIV/AIDS studies.  This funding will provide support for the development of preliminary data to support an NIH research project grant application.  The Penn CFAR was awarded three supplements:

Year PI Co-PI(s) Title
2016 Kushol Gupta   Structural Basis for Post-translational Modification of HIV-1 Integrase
2016 Joseph Jarvis Madisa Mine The Botswana Rapid ARV Initiation Evaluation (BRAVE Study)
2016 Kyoung Jae Won Katharine Bar, Kathleen Brady, & Ian Frank Integrated phylodynamic, partner & social network analysis of HIV transmission in Philadelphia