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Mirroring the academic grand rounds programs, these CME programs combine traditional academic grand rounds with the innovation and convenience of telemedicine. This weekly webinar program, broadcast from the Perelman School of Medicine, and delivered by top experts in the field, covers a wide range of topics involved with the clinical care of patients with HIV/AIDS.

The one-hour presentations will be designed to be immediately relevant to practicing HIV clinicians and many will be case-based. The final 10 minutes of each one-hour program will consist of a live question and answer period with the presenting faculty member available to answer questions asked by participants who attend in person or via the Internet. These weekly grand rounds programs are intended to provide clinicians with convenient and easily accessible knowledge and clinical skills they need to provide the best medical care for their HIV-positive patients.

HIV Grand Rounds is jointly sponsored by Viral Ed, LLC. and Annenberg Center for Health Sciences at Eisenhower and co-sponsored with the Perelman School of Medicine. This program is supported by educational grants from Gilead Sciences Medical Affairs and ViiV Healthcare. You may contact Rick Gordon by email at for additional assistance with the program.

For more information visit Viral Ed HIV Grand Rounds or the Perelman School of Medicine CME - HIV Grand Rounds Series

Upcoming Seminars


Seminars will resume in Fall 2016!

Past Seminars

Twenty-four hours after the live broadcast, each live CME-certified session will be available for on-demand viewing and CME credit for one year. To access these broadcasts, please goto the links below and follow the instructions on ViralEd's website.

To view these past seminars sortable by topic or presenter, visit the HIV Grand Rounds On-Demand Programs.


Carlos del Rio, M.D., "High Impact Research Transforming Health Care Policy”


Elias Haddad, Ph.D., "CD4 helper function in HIV Disease Progression”


Rachel C. Vreeman, M.D., “Transforming Long-Term HIV Care for Children and Adolescents in Resource-Limited Settings”


Bridgette Brawner, Ph.D., “Geobehavioral Vulnerability to HIV: The Role of Place in HIV Disparities”

5/5/16 William Short, M.D., "Real cases from University of Pennsylvania"
4/21/16 Irini Sereti, M.D., "Iris in HIV: Beyond What Meets the Eye"
4/14/16 Katherine Squires, M.D., "Women's Issues in HIV Infection"
4/7/16 Rick Elion, M.D., "Preparing for PrEP"
3/31/16 Michael Betts, Ph.D., "CD8 T cell function in HIV infected lymphoid tissue: Implications for HIV reservoir clearance"
3/17/16 Omar Martinez, M.D., M.P.H., M.S., "Syndemics and HIV among Latino Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) in the U.S.: Challenges and Intervention Opportunities"
3/10/16 Renslow Sherer, M.D., "CROI in Context-Part 2: ART-Naïve, ART-Experienced and Complications”
3/3/16 Ian Frank, M.D., "CROI in Context-Part 1: Prevention, Cure, Hepatitis”
2/17/16 Roy Gulick, M.D., M.P.H. "Antiretroviral Therapy 2016: State of the ART”
2/11/16 Susan Ball, M.D., M.P.H. "The Early Days of HIV, Reflections on the 1980s and 1990s”

Jessie Torgersen, M.D. “HIV in the Elderly: ART Selection in a Medically Complex Population”

1/21/16 Ian Frank, M.D., "Top 10 Publications in HIV Clinical Science in 2015”
1/14/16 Katherine Frasca, M.D., Real Cases for the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania: HIV and M&M
12/10/15 Rick Elion, M.D.,"Health Care Equity in HIV: What is a Fair Deal?”
12/3/15 Misha Rosenbach, M.D.,"Dermatologic Manifestations of HIV”
11/19/15 Pablo Tebas, M.D., "Influenza Vaccination in HIV Patients"
11/12/15 Valerie Cluzet, M.D., "Managing Recurrent Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus Skin Infections in HIV patients"
11/5/15 Ian Frank, M.D., "EACS 2015 Update"
10/22/15 Norbert Brau, MD, MBA, FACP Topic: Hepatocellular Carcinoma in HIV-Infected Patients (Replay of Viral Hepatitis Grand Rounds from 9/30/15)
10/15/15 Benjamin Gelman, Ph.D., "Latent HIV in the CNS and Other Deep Body Compartments"
10/8/15 Ian Frank, M.D., "An Update from IAS 2015"
10/1/15 Francine Cournos, M.D. "The Evolution of Clinical and Research Approaches to Mental Illness in the Context of the HIV Epidemic"
5/21/15 Robert Remien, Ph.D. "Addressing Challenges to HIV Adherence Research and Practice in Low-Resource Settings"
5/14/15 Joe Hogan, Sc.D., "The Role of Biostatistics and Data Science in Improving HIV Care, Treatment, and Outcomes in Resource-Constrained Environments"
5/7/15 Kathleen Brady, MD. "Improving the HIV Care Continuum: From Science to Action"
4/30/15 Bernard Branson, MD. "HIV Testing and Linkage to Care"
4/23/15 Jay Kostman, MD. "HIV and Treatment challenges in HIV/HCV Coinfection"
4/16/15 Robert Gross, MD. "HIV Care Continnum in Sub-Saharan Africa"
4/9/15 Nicolas Chomont, PhD. "HIV Persistence During ART: When, Where and How HIV Hides"
4/2/15 Emily Blumberg, MD.. "Transplantation in HIV Infected Individuals: Changing the Paradigm."
3/19/15 Paul Sax, MD. "An Update from CROI 2015."
3/12/15 Renslow Sherer, MD. "Case Studies: HIV Prevention in Chicago"
3/5/15 Emily Blumberg, MD. "Transplantation in HIV Infected Individuals: Changing the Paradigm."
2/19/15 Laura Bamford, MD. "Primary HIV medical care within a syringe exchange program in North Philadelphia"
2/12/15 Gregory Bisson, MD. "From Insolation to Ibuprofen: Emerging concepts in Host-directed therapy for TB"
2/5/15 Calvin Cohen, MD. "Controversies in HIV Medicine"
1/22/15 Wilbert Jordan, MD. "Individualizing HIV Care"
1/15/15 Timothy Sterling, MD. "HIV-Related Tuberculosis: An Update"
1/8/15 Ian Frank, MD. "2014 in Review: Top 10 Clinical HIV Publications"
11/20/14 David Dowdy, MD. "Of Mycobacteria and Men: Modeling the Impact and Cost-Effectiveness of Diagnostic Tests for Tuberculosis"
11/13/14 Joseph Berger, MD. "Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy: Lessons from AIDS and Natalizumab"
11/6/14 Stephen Gluckman, MD. "Real Cases from the Botswana-UPenn Partnership Program
10/30/14 Ian Frank, MD. "The WHO HIV Treatment Guidelines"
10/16/14 Joseph Jarvis BSc, MBBS. "Novel Strategies for Treatment and Prevention of HIV-associated Cryptococcal Meningitis
10/9/14 Giovanni Guaraldi, MD. "HIV and Aging"
10/2/14 Carrie Kovarik, MD. "Global Teledermatology: Expansion of Clinical Care to HIV Populations"
9/18/14 James Galbraith, MD, "HIV High Yield & Impact of Emergency Department Routine HIV/HCV Screening"
6/19/14 Michael Saag, MD, "A Look Into the Future of HIV Research"
6/12/14 Ian Frank, MD, "HIV Grand Rounds Year in Review"
6/5/14 Ann Kurth, PhD, CNM, FAAN, "HIV prevention paradigms: How far are we?"
5/29/14 Jennifer Kates, MD, "ACA and the Future of Ryan White"
5/15/14 Timothy Schacker, MD, "Inflammatory damage to lymphatic structures in HIV infection and the impact on pathogenesis"
5/8/14 Graeme Moyle, MD, MB, BS, "Insulin Resistance and Diabetes Mellitus in HIV Infection"
5/1/14 Ian Frank, MD and Raj Reddy, MD, "Real Cases from the Perleman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania: HIV/HCV Co-Infection"
4/23/14 Tamar Taddei, MD, "Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Diagnosis, Staging and General Management Approaches"
4/17/14 Edward Gardner, MD, "HIV Treatment Cascade"
4/10/14 Sharon Hillier, PhD, "Microbes for HIV Prevention in Women"
4/3/14 Ian Frank, MD, "More From CROI 2014"
3/26/14 Seth Himelhoch, MD, "Hepatitis C Virus - Risk Assessment and Treatment Considerations Among People with Serious Mental Illness"
3/20/14 Cal Cohen, MD, "Update from CROI 2014"
3/13/14 Steve Grinspoon, MD, "Potential Mechanisms and Treatment Strategies for Cardiovascular Disease in HIV"
2/19/14 Joseph Cofrancesco, MD, "Metabolic Cases from the Hopkins' Moore Clinic"
2/6/14 Amy Justice, MD, "HIV and Aging"
2/5/14 David Thomas, MD, MPH, "Management fo Hepatitis C in HIV Infected Patients"
1/30/14 Todd Brown, MD, "HIV and Bone Disease"
1/16/14 Emil deGoma, MD, "2013 ACC/AHA Cholesterol Guideline: What You Need to Know"
1/9/14 Renslow Sherer, MD, "Individualizing ARV Therapy in 2014"
12/12/13 Richard Elion, MD, "HIV Initiatives in Washington DC: Diagnosis and Linkage to Care"
12/5/13 Ian Frank, MD, "An Update on HIV Treatment Guidelines"
11/21/13 Stephen Gluckman, MD, "Recommendations for the HIV Infected Traveler"
11/14/13 Andrew A. Lackner, DVM, PhD, MD, "AIDS Pathogenesis and the Mucosal Immune System: Insights from Nonhuman Primate Models"
11/7/13 Ian Frank, MD, "Real Cases from the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania: Acute HIV Infection"
10/31/13 David Margolis, MD, "Approaches to Eradication: HDAC Inhibitors"
10/24/13 Andrea L. Cox, MD, "Acute Hepatitis C in HIV-infected Populations"
10/17/13 Janet Siliciano, MD, "Approaches to Eradication: Latency"
10/10/13 Pablo Tebas, MD, "Approaches to Eradication: Gene Therapy"
10/3/13 Timothy H. Henrich, MD, "Approaches to Eradication: Cytotoxic Chemotherapy, Stem Cell Transplantation and HIV-1"
9/26/13 Hie-Won Hann, MD, "Hepatitis B Virus and Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Urban Immigrant Populations"
9/19/13 Pamela Bjorkman, PhD, "Engineering Better HIV Antibodies Using Structure-based Design"
9/12/13 Calvin Cohen, MD, "An Update from the 7th IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis Treatment and Prevention"
06/26/13 Stephen A. Harrison, MD FACP, "HCV and Fatty Liver Disease: Interaction and Impact on Natural History and Treatment Outcomes"
06/20/13 Calvin J. Cohen, MD MSc, "Real Cases: Switching Therapy"
06/13/13 Jessica S. Merlin, MD MBA, "Treating Pain in People with HIV Infection"
06/04/13 Mark Harrington, "Activism and the HIV Epidemic"
05/30/13 Pablo Tebas, MD, Robert Gross, MD, Ian Frank, MD, "Real Cases from the University of Pennsylvania"
05/22/13 Gregory T. Everson, M.D., F.A.C.P., "Treatment of Patients with Advanced Liver Disease, Including Transplant"
05/16/13 Elizabeth Lowenthal, MD, MSCE, "pecial Issues for Children Living with HIV in Resource Limited Setting"
05/09/13 Judith Auerbach, PhD, "Optimizing research on women and HIV: Some interdisciplinary priorities"
05/02/13 Pablo Tebas, M.D., "Metabolic Complications of Antiretroviral Therapy and Immune Activation"
04/24/13 David E. Kaplan, MD MSc, "Acute Heptatis C Infection: Trends and Challenges (Wed. HCV Lecture)"
04/18/13 Andrew R. Zolopa, MD, "Case Studies: Antiretroviral Decision Making"
04/11/13 Ian Frank, MD, "Antiretrovirals in Development - What's needed, What's Coming"
04/04/13 Mark A. Wainberg, MD, "Is an Understanding of HIV Drug Resistance Still Relevant?"
03/28/13 Alain H. Litwin, MD MPH, "Challenges with Substance Abuse and HCV"
03/21/13 John G. Bartlett, MD, "Update from the 20th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections"
03/14/13 David R. Holtgrave, PhD, "Costs, Consequences and Feasibility of Meeting the Year 2015 Goals of the National HIV / AIDS Strategy"
02/27/13 Nezam H. Afdhal, MD, "Screening, Staging and Evaluating Hepatitis C: An Evolving Story"
02/21/13 Ian Frank, MD, "Real Cases from the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania"
02/14/13 Calvin J. Cohen, MD MSc & Ian Frank, MD, "Real Cases - Which ARV Regimens do We Start With...As of Feb 2013"
02/07/13 Peter S. Gilbert, PhD, "Analysis of Immune Correlates of Protection in RV144 HIV Vaccine Efficacy Trial"
01/31/13 Susan Cu-Uvin MD, "30 Years of Advances in HIV/AIDS: What has Changed for Women?"
01/17/13 Hashem B. El-Serag, MD MPH, "Preventing HIV-Related Tuberculosis: Two Steps Forward… (HCV Lecture)"
01/15/13 Marcus Altfeld MD PhD, "Innate Immune Responses in HIV Infection"
01/10/13 Richard E. Chaisson, MD, "Preventing HIV-Related Tuberculosis: Two Steps Forward..."
12/20/12 K. Rajendar Reddy MD, "An Update from the 63rd AASLD"
12/13/12 David Haas, MD, "Pharmacogenomics of HIV Therapy"
12/06/12 Benoit Dube, MD, FRCPC, "Treating Mental Illness in HIV Infected Patients"
11/29/12 Marian G Peters MD & Kenneth E. Sherman MD PhD, "Treatment of HCV / HIV Co-infection & HIV / HEV Co-Infection (HCV Lecture)"
11/15/12 Helen Koenig MD MPH; Amy Pruitt MD: David Holtzman MD, "Real Cases from the University of Pennsylvania: CNS Disease in Patients with a Decent CD4+ Count"
11/08/12 Mohamed Atta MD MPH, "Renal Disease in HIV Infection"
11/01/12 Thomas J. Hope, "Using Cell Biology Approaches to Understand HIV Transmission"
10/18/12 Karam Mounzer, MD, "Real Cases from the Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania"
10/11/12 Elmi Muller, MD, "HIV Positive to Positive Transplantation: Ethics, Results and the Future - a South African Perspective"
10/04/12 Kenneth Hugh Mayer, MD, "Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis"
09/27/12 John W. Ward, MD, "Epidemiologic Challenges to Control and Eventual Elimination of HCV Transmission and Disease (HCV Lecture)"
09/20/12 Ian Frank, "An Update from the XIX International AIDS Conference and 52nd ICAAC"
09/13/12 Robin Shattock, MD, "Optimising Vaginal Protection Against HIV-1 Infection"
09/06/12 Jennifer Cohn, MD, "Breaking the Back of the HIV Pandemic: Tools, Strategies and Policies from the Medecins Sans Frontieres Experience"
06/28/12 Calvin Cohen MD MSC, Ian Frank MD, "Real Cases...Not Necessarily from the Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania"
06/21/12 Ned C. Saktor, MD, "Neurocognitive Dysfunction in Aging People with HIV Infection: An Emerging Epidemic"
06/14/12 Marty Markowitz, MD, "Antiretroviral Therapy: Are Three Drugs Enough?"
06/07/12 Daniel Everitt, MD, "Developing New Therapies to Treat Tuberculosis"
05/31/12 Baligh R. Yehia, MD, MSHP, "Improving Patient Retention in HIV Care"
05/24/12 Helen C. Koenig, MD, MPH & Ian Frank, MD, "Real Cases from the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania"
05/17/12 Brandon F. Keele, PhD, "Understanding HIV Transmission, Early Replication and Viral Dissemination Using Nonhuman Primate Models"
05/10/12 Myron S. Cohen, MD , "HIV Prevention"
05/03/12 Mark Sulkowski, MD, "An Updated from the Annual Meeting of the European Association for the Study of the Liver"
04/26/12 Vincent Lo Re, MD & Jay Kostman, MD, "Case Studies from the Hopsital at the University of Pennsylvania"
04/19/12 Lawrence Corey, MD , "Control of HSV Infection"
04/12/12 Roy M. Gulick, MD, MPH, "ART Controversies 2012"
04/05/12 Paul E. Sax, MD, "Contemporary Issues in the Management of Treatment: Experienced Patients"
03/29/12 Luis Montaner, DVM, DPhil, "HIV Control Mediated by Interferon-alpha"
03/22/12 Ian Frank, MD, "CROI Update"
03/15/12 Domenico Mavilio, MD, PhD, "Natural Cytotoxicity Receptors: New Insights on Their Role in the Context of g/d T-cell Responses"
03/09/12 Myron S. Cohen, MD , "Prevention of HIV-1 Infection"
03/01/12 Ian Frank, MD, Todd Barton, MD, & Valerianna Amorosa, MD, "Real Cases from the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania"
02/23/12 Peter Hunt, MD, "Inflammation and HIV Infection"
02/16/12 David Margolis, MD, "Strategies to Cure HIV Infection"
02/09/12 Marshall Glesby, MD, "Update on the Cardiovascular Complications of HIV Infection"
02/02/12 Corey Casper, MD, MPH, "The Spectrum and Pathogenesis of HIV-associated Malignancies"
01/26/12 Ian Frank, MD; Thomas Coyne, MD, PhD; Jeffery Hafkin, MD; Amy Pruitt, MD; Ronald L. Wolf, MD, PhD, "Real Cases from the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania"
01/19/12 Daniel R. Kurizkes, MD, "Clinical Significance of HIV-1 Drug-resistant Minority Variants"
01/12/12 Reuben S. Harris, PhD, "The feasibility of modulating cellular DNA mutating enzymes as next-generation HIV/AIDS therapeutics"
12/15/11 Chris Beyrer, MD, MPH, "The HIV Epidemic Among MSM in the Developing World"
12/08/11 Pablo Tebas, MD, "Gene Therapy Approaches to Treat HIV Infection"
12/01/11 Michael Betts, PhD, "CD8+ T-cell Mediated Control of HIV Throughout HIV Infection"
11/17/11 K. Rajender Reddy, MD, FACP, FACG, "Update from the 62nd AASLD Meeting in San Francisco, CA"
11/10/11 Ian Frank MD; Robert Gross, MD, MSCE; Valeriana Amorosa, MD, "Case Studies from the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania"
11/03/11 Michel C. Nussenzweig, MD, PhD, "Human Anti-body Response Against HIV"
10/27/11 Una O'Doherty MD PhD, "Assessing HIV Integration in HIV Patients On and Off ART"
10/20/11 James D. Neaton, PhD, "Randomized Trials of Early treatment for HIV: Rationale, Design and Implementation Issues"
10/13/11 Doreen Ramogola-Masire, MD , "HPV-HIV Co-infection and Cervical Cancer Prevention in Botswana"
10/06/11 Ian Frank, MD; Robert Gross, MD, MSCE; Pablo Tebas, MD, "Real Cases from the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania "
09/29/11 George M. Shaw, MD PhD , "Founder Virus in Patients with Acute HIV Infection"
09/22/11 Robert M. Grant, MD MPH , "Strategies for HIV Prevention"
09/15/11 Beatrice H. Hahn, MD, "The Origins of HIV and the AIDS Pandemic"
09/08/11 Charles Hicks, MD, "How to optimize HIV Testing Approaches"
07/28/11 Renslow Sherer, MD, "An Update from the 6th IAS Conference in Rome, Italy"
07/14/11 Chloe L. Thio, MD, "Hepatitis B in the HIV-invected Patient: diagnosis and Treatment?"
07/07/11 Ian McGowan, MD, "Rectal Microbicides - Can we make them and will people use them? "
06/29/11 Ian Frank, MD; Pablo Tebas, MD; Todd Barton, MD, "Case Studies from the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania "
06/22/11 Steven Deeks, MD, "The Clinical Implicatios of HIV Persistance During Therapy"
06/15/11 David Wohl, MD, "The Influence of Prison on the HIV Epidemic"
06/08/11 Tim Wilkin, MD, "Prevention of Anal Cancer in HIV-Infected Populations"
06/01/11 Louis Picker, MD, "New Insights Into the Immune Vulnerabilities of Highly Pathogenic SIV: Implications for an HIV/AIDS Vaccine"
05/25/11 Priscilla Hsue, MD, "HIV, Inflammation and Cardiovascular Disease"
05/18/11 Robert Siliciano, MD, "Understanding How Antiretroviral Therapy for HIV Infection Really Works"
05/11/11 Jay Kostman, MD, Vincent LoRe, MD, Rajender Reddy, MD, "Case-Studies from the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania"
05/04/11 Rajender Reddy, "Updates on Current Studies of HCV: Post-EASL"
04/27/11 Calvin Cohen, MD, "Challenging the Three AVRs Per Day Paradigm"
04/13/11 Mark Sulkowski, MD, "Strategies for Managing HIV and Hepatitis C Virus Coinfection"
04/06/11 Carrie Kavorik, MD, "Update in HIV-related Dermatology"
03/30/11 Greg Bisson, MD, "Tuberculosis and HIV: Epidemiology, prevention and when to start antiretroviral therapy"
03/23/11 Kelly Gebo, MD, "The HIV Research Network: Lessons learned from a multi-site study"
03/16/11 Ian Frank, MD, Gregory Bisson, MD, Dierdre Sawinski, MD and Christopher Vinnard, MD, "HIV Case Studies from the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania"
03/09/11 Ian Frank, MD, "An Update from the 2011 Conference on Retrovirus and Opportunistic Infections (CROI)"
02/23/11 Trevor Hawkins, MD, "CNS Infections Associated with HIV Disease"
02/16/11 David Metzger, PhD, "Substance Abuse Treatment as HIV Prevention"
02/09/11 Deirdre Sawinski, MD, "Kidney Disease and Transplant in HIV+ Patients"
02/02/11 Joe Eron, MD, "Antiretroviral Therapy: New Drugs and New Strategies"
01/26/11 Richard Elion, MD, "Treatment as Prevention"
01/19/11 David Simpson, MD, "Neurological Complications in HIV/AIDS"
01/12/11 Pablo Tebas, MD, Karam Mounzer, MD, Baligh Yehia, MD, and Amy Vittor, MD, PhD, "Case Studies from the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania"
12/16/10 Jason Brenchley, PhD, "Mechanisms Underlying Different Outcomes in Primate Lentiviral Infections"
12/08/10 Todd T. Brown, MD, "Osteoporosis in the HIV-Infected Patient"
12/01/10 Robert Gross, MD, "Adherence and Antiretroviral Therapy"
11/17/10 Gregory Melikian, PhD, "Imaging Single Retrovirus Entry and Fusion"
11/10/10 Pablo Tebas, MD, "Metabolic Complications of ARV and Their Management"
11/03/10 Andrew Zolopa, MD, "HIV Drug Resistance: Does it Matter Anymore?"
10/27/10 Glenn Treisman, MD, "The Psychiatry of AIDS: A Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment"
10/20/10 Frederick Altice, MD, "Special Challenges: Clinical Management of the HIV-infected Drug User"
10/13/10 Ian Frank, MD and Panel, "Case Studies from the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania"
10/06/10 John Bartlett, MD, "Antiretroviral Therapy: What to Start?"
09/29/10 Cal Cohen, MD, "Review of the Evidence: Do We Already Know the Answer Posed in the START Trial?"
Seth Himelhoch, MD, "Hepatitis C Virus - Risk Assessment and Treatment Considerations Among People with Serious Mental Illness"