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Annual Research Retreat: Images from the 2011 Poster Session

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Anne Teitelman Karen Ocwieja
Anne Teitelman
Karen Ocwieja, Erin Graf, and Matthew Pace
Paul Bieniasz Mark Stoddard
Paul Bates, Una O'Doherty, and Paul Bieniasz Mark Stoddard and Sesh Sundararaman
Kenneth Simbiri Haim Bau
Kenneth Simbiri (right) Haim Bau and Changhun Liu
Emmanouil Papasavvas Amber Nichols
Emmanouil Papasavvas, Luis Montaner, and Livio Azzoni Amber Nichols and Anna Pecoraro
Elizabeth Lowenthal Community Advisory Board
Elizabeth Lowenthal (left) Jeffery Jenne, Nadine Tucker, Roy Hayes, and Carol Rogers
Jennifer Greig Veronica Holmes
Jenny Greig, Natalie Hutnick, and George Makedonas Veronica Holmes, Yanjie Yi, and Sita Awasthi