Penn Center for AIDS Research

Benefits of Membership / Become a Member

The Penn Center for AIDS Research considers a member to be any faculty appointed investigator who conducts HIV and AIDS research at the University of Pennsylvania, the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, or the Wistar Institute.

If you're not currently included in our Membership Listing and would like to become a member of the Penn CFAR, fill out the form below.

Benefits to Membership include:

  • Reduced prices on services
  • Free consultation and advice
  • Invitations to seminars and retreats
  • First-hand knowledge of RFAs for the Developmental, Nonhuman Primate, and AIDS-Related Malignancies Pilot Awards

If you're a post-doctoral researcher, graduate student, staff researcher, or other member of the Penn CFAR community and would like to hear about seminars, RFAs, and CFAR events, join the Penn CFAR Email List.

If you have any questions about membership, email Kate Gordon at