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Healthcare Leadership in Quality


Program Content

Quality improvement and patient safety are among the highest priorities for healthcare systems today and thus, these topics are components of most residency programs. However, few programs provide an in-depth, multi-faceted experience that actively engages trainees in quality and safety principles and projects.

Penn Medicine's program in  consists of these key components:                                                                                                                                                 Diagram

Integration into Unit-Based Clinical Leadership teams Residents join a Unit-Based Clinical Leadership (UBCL) team of their choice. Each team is comprised of a Physician Leader, Nurse Manager and Quality Project manager located on each medical/surgical unit at the Hospital of the University of Pensylvania. UBCL teams identify quality and safety issues within a specific medical/surgical unit and implement and evaluate interventions. This integration provides residents who are frontline care providers an opportunity to take an active role in their institutions quality and safety initiatives.

Curriculum Residents participate in didactics covering the following topics: Fundamentals of patient safety and systems analysis, Principles and background of healthcare quality, Introduction to Penn’s QI Infrastructure: Blueprint for Quality, Quality improvement methodologies and tools, Donabedian structure/process/outcome, Overview of Health IT, Safety culture/ teamwork and communication, Principles of Evidence-based medicine, Human Factors Engineering, and Risk Management. These didactics occur over 3 weeks in  2 years.  -> August 2012 Didactics.

Capstone project Under the guidance of a QI specialist, research mentor, and track director, residents collaborate with a multidisciplinary team in designing, implementing and evaluating a quality initiative. Track participants are required to develop their work into a scholarly product (abstract or publication).

For more information email Dr. Neha Patel.