CHPS Sleep Core

The CHPS Sleep Core provides services in support of clinical sleep research. It is based at two sites: the CHOP Sleep Laboratory, convenient to the CHPS Outpatient Facility on the 1st Floor of Main Hospital and the University of Pennsylvania's Sleep Laboratory, located on the 11th Floor of the Gates Building which is part of the medical complex of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. The Sleep Core contains a total of six designated research beds, dedicated staff, and state-of-the-art equipment that provides support for a variety of sleep-related research initiatives. Studies performed in the Sleep Core include overnight polysomnography, multiple sleep latency testing, neurobehavioral testing and actigraphy. The Sleep Core's goals include providing highest-quality sleep studies, extending sleep research to disciplines not traditionally involved in this area, further developing extant multidisciplinary programs, and offering training opportunities for medical students, residents, fellows, and junior faculty in clinical sleep research. The Sleep Core is associated with CHOP’s and UPHS’ American Academy of Sleep Medicine-accredited Sleep Center Laboratories.

Services for pediatric and adult subjects:

  • Study Design
  • Overnight Polysomnography
  • Polysomnography Interpretation
  • Multiple Sleep Latency Testing
  • Actigraphy
  • Neurobehavioral testing
  • Sleep Core Library

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Christopher Cielo, DO
Phone: 267-426-5842

Allan I. Pack, MD, PhD 
Phone: 215-746-4806

Technical Directors:

Brian Schultz, RPSGT
Phone: 215-590-3703

Bethany Stanley, BS, RPSGT
Phone: 215-615-1634