Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Chronobiology Program

Funding Opportunities

Pilot Awards

2017 CFAR, ITMAT, & Chronobiology Pilot Award. Click here for the RFA
2017 Awardee:

C. Neill Epperson, MD: "Impact of Chronic Insomnia on Risk for Early Cognitive Decline Among HIV-Infected Males and Females"

2016 CFAR, ITMAT, & Chronobiology Pilot Awardee:

Carsten Skarke, MD: "Mapping the Human HIV Chronobiome"

2015 Chronobiology Pilot Awards. Click here for the RFA. 
2015 Awardees:

Matthew Hayes, Ph.D and Kendra Bence, Ph.D: "Investigating a novel link between phosphatase regulation of central GLP-1 activity and the circadian control of feeding."

Sarah Tishkoff, Ph.D and Alfred Njamnshi, M.D: "Chronobiology of sleep-wake cycles in rural and urban sub-Saharan Africans."

Ed Morrisey, Ph.D: "Elucidating the role of circadian transcriptional regulation in the function of alveolar progenitor cells in the lung epithelium."

Travel Awards

A limited number of travel awards are available for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers to present their research at chronobiology related conferences and meetings.
For more information please contact Julie Williams.

Congratulations to the following trainees who received the travel awards in 2014


Jason Gerstner

Allan Pack/Marcos Frank

Ning Ma

Hengyi Rao

Nick Trojanowski

David Raizen

Guangrui Yang

Garret Fitzgerald

Arjun Sengupta

Aalim Weljie

Heather Balance

John Hogenesch