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Research OpportunitIES

CNST students may participate in neuroscience research throughout their medical school career. The greatest research opportunities occur in the summer between the first and second years of medical school and in the 12- to 24-week period of "Scholarly Pursuit" during the final 18 months of the medical school curriculum. The CNST serves as a conduit for the wealth of research opportunities at Penn by providing CNST students with information on faculty research programs, as well as funding sources for stipend support. CNST mentors also can provide guidance for CNST students to participate in clinical shadowing experiences starting in the first year.

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Previous CNST Summer Research

If you are interested in CNST Summer Research, you are welcome to contact previous CNST Summer Research students for their guidance.

Student:  Keisha Dodman –

Title of Summer Research 2013: “Remediating long-term effects of ketamine exposure in mice”

Mentor:  Steven J. Siegel, M.D., Ph.D. – Professor of Psychiatry

Student:  William Kennedy –

Title of Summer Research 2013:  “Assessment of olfactory function in pediatric patients with chronic tracheostomy”

Mentor:  Steven E. Sobol, M.D. – Associate Professor of Otolaryngology CHOP

Student:  Eric Lin –

Title of Summer Research 2013: “Effects of alpha-synuclein immunotherapy in a mouse model of Parkinson’s Disease

Mentor: Virginia M.-Y. Lee, Ph.D., MBA  - Professor in Alzheimer’s Research Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

Student:  Catherine Norise –

Title of Summer Research 2013: “Transcranial direct current stimulation elucidates mechanisms of recovery from non-fluent aphasia”

Mentor:  Roy Hamilton, M.D., MS – Assistant Professor of Neurology

Student:  Andrew Olsen –

Title of Summer Research 2013: “Use of topical vancomycin powder prophylaxis in craniotomy: a retrospective review of X cases”

Mentor: Timothy H. Lucas, Jr., M.D., Ph.D. – Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery

Student:  Stephen Tsaur –

Title of Summer Research 2013:  Response inhibition and smoking urges in smoking cessation study”

Mentor:  Becky Ashare, Ph.D. – Research Assistant Professor of Psychiatry