Biomedical Research Core Facilities
Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Proteomics and Systems Biology Core

Core Description: Technology is provided to investigators, which permits the characterization and quantification of proteins and metabolites to enable the development of models that predict the dynamic behavior of living systems.

Proteomics: Both nanoflow and microflow liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) and LC-tandem MS (MS/MS) analyses can be conducted after protease digestion of proteins or complex mixtures of proteins.  Additional services are available for conducting 2D Gel electrophoresis of proteins on large format gels (26 x 20 cm) or small format gels (8 x 10 cm) together with SYPRO Ruby Staining and Scanning, and Cy2,3,5 Dye labeling and Scanning.

Metabolomics: High-resolution nanoflow LC-MS analyses are conducted on samples from control and experimental studies.

Biomarker: Rigorous quantification of serum, plasma, or urinary biomarkers identified by metabolomics studies can be conducted using stable isotope dilution LC-SRM/MS methodology.  The Core services are normally utilized for biomarker validation studies, for disease diagnosis, for detecting the adverse effects of environmental chemicals, or for monitoring the effect of therapeutic agents.


Core Director:
Ian A. Blair, Ph.D.
Scientific Director

Technical Director:
Chao-Xing Yuan, Ph.D.