Eve Weiss, MS

CPHI Adjunct Fellow

Email: eve@eveweissconsulting.com
Curriculum Vitae: click here

Public Health Interests:

Access to Care, Health Disparities, Social Determinants of Health, Women's Health, Health Literacy, Cultural Barriers to Care

Current Public-Health Related Activities:

As an independent health policy consultant since 2001, I have provided analytic, investigative, writing, and journalistic services to a range of health services entities including city departments of health, academic centers, non-profits, and philanthropic organizations with strategic interest in healthcare improvement. My central interest is to improve access to health care by researching barriers to healthy living (such as poverty, uninsurance, limited education, low literacy, and cultural isolation) and communicating these findings to policymakers and change agents. For the past two years, I have worked nearly exclusively with the Leonard Davis Institute for Health Economics alongside Dr. Carolyn Cannuscio, and for The What to Expect Foundation (WTEF), a New York City based non-profit focused on improving perinatal health literacy and maternal and child health outcomes. Over the past decade, I have also written for the lay press, including most recently an article about Jerome Groopman, MD, published in o2138 magazine.

I have collaborated with Dr. Cannuscio on the Health of Philadelphia Photo-documentation Project, leading fieldwork and engaging students in the research process and collaborating on writing, analysis, and presentation of study findings. Our work has utilized epidemiologic methods to explore health disparities in Philadelphia that rise out of such confluent factors as the poor urban food environment, violence, fraying of the community fabric and economic disinvestment in the local community.

At WTEF, I have helped to raise funds for program and strategic planning, and I have co-authored a chapter on an effective model for teaching health literacy during the prenatal period which positively impacts a mother’s health and mental health outcomes, in the book Perinatal and Postpartum Mood Disorders. I plan to continue authoring papers on the organization’s work and findings.

Select Publications:

Bernstein, L. and E. Weiss. “Health  Literacy and Maternal Empowerment,” in Perinatal and Postpartum Mood Disorders: Perspectives and Treatment Guide for the Healthcare Professional. Editors Susan Dowd Stone and Alexis Menken. Springer, 2008.

Cannuscio, C., E Weiss, and D Asch.  “Urban Foodways: multiple paths to health and illness.”  In submission 2008.

Cannuscio, C., E Weiss, JP Schroeder, H Fruchtman, J Weiner, and D Asch.  “Visual methods in epidemiology: using photographs to understand urban health disparities.”  In submission 2008.

Cannuscio, C., D Grande, AE Kim, E Wildsmith, M Burke, K Tuider, R David, J Brazier, E Weiss.  “The Health Effects of Urban Greening: Report to the City of Philadelphia’s GreenPlan Commission to Improve Access to and Quality of Urban Open Space.”  (2007).