This group focuses on addressing barriers to accessing nutritional foods in urban settings.

All interested researchers from inside and outside of the Penn community are welcome. If you would like to join this group, please email Lauren Hallden-Abberton at lahall@exchange.upenn.edu


Carolyn Cannuscio
Assistant Professor
Dept of Family Medicine and Community Health
UPenn School of Medicine

Mariana Chilton
Assistant Professor of Public Health
Drexel University School of Public Health

JA Grisso
Professor of Public Health, Medicine, & Nursing
UPenn School of Medicine/School of Nursing

Karen Glanz
PIK Professor of Medicine and Nursing
UPenn School of Medicine/Nursing

Amy Hillier
Assistant Professor, City & Regional Planning
UPenn School of Design

Allison Karpyn
Director of Research and Evaluation
The Food Trust

Terri Lipman
Professor of Nursing of Children
UPenn School of Nursing

Jackie McLaughlin
Associate Director, MPH Program
University of Pennsylvania

Gretchen Suess
Director of Evaluation
Netter Center

Candace Young
The Food Trust