Melissa E. Dichter, PhD, MSW

Melissa E. Dichter, PhD, MSW
CPHI Adjunct Fellow

Title: Research Health Scientist, Center for Health Equity Research and Promotion (CHERP), Philadelphia VA Medical Center

Public Health Interests:

Intimate partner violence, women's health

Current Public-Health Related Activities:

Melissa Dichter, PhD, MSW, is a Research Health Scientist at the Center for Health Equity Research and Promotion (CHERP) at the Philadelphia VA Medical Center. Her research primarily focuses on women’s experiences with intimate partner violence (IPV) and intersections with the healthcare, social service, and criminal legal systems. She is currently investigating IPV experiences among women veterans and developing a model for IPV assessment and response within the VA healthcare system. Melissa earned her PhD in Social Welfare and Masters in Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania and her BA in Child Development from Tufts University.

Select Publications:

Dichter, M. E., & True, G. (in press). “This is the story of why my military career ended before it should have:” Premature separation from military service among U.S. women veterans. AFFILIA: Women and Social Work.

Montgomery, A. E., Dichter, M. E., Thomasson, A. M., Fu, X., & Roberts, C. B. (in press). Demographic characteristics associated with homelessness and risk among female and male veterans accessing VHA outpatient care. Women’s Health Issues.

Montgomery, A. E., Dichter, M. E., & Thomasson, A. M., Roberts, C. B., & Byrne, T. (in press). Disparities in housing status among veterans with medical, cognitive, mental, and behavioral health conditions. Psychiatric Services. Dichter, November 2014, page 4

Cerulli, C., Kothari, C., Dichter, M. E., Marcus, S., Kim, T. K., Wiley, J., & Rhodes, K. V. (in press). Help-seeking patterns among women experiencing intimate partner violence: Do they forgo the criminal justice system if their adjudication wishes are not met? Violence and Victims.

Cerulli, C., Trabold, N., Kothari, C. L., Dichter, M. E., Raimondi, C., Lucas, J., Cobus, A., & Rhodes, K. V. (in press). In our voice: Survivors’ recommendations for change. Journal of Family Violence.