In January of 2009, the Center for Public Health Initiatives held its first annual Winter Institute on Qualitative and Mixed Methods. Wishing to continue the discussion and further the research possibilities introduced within the institute, the participants agreed to form a group, which would:

  1. Work as a discussion forum for researchers in current and future projects who are using/planning on using qualitative/mixed methods.
  2. Work towards expanding the use, quality and acceptability of qualitative and mixed methods research at Penn and in the broader academic community.

This group welcomes members from all areas inside and outside of the Penn community. If you would like to join this group, please email Lauren Hallden-Abberton at lahall@exchange.upenn.edu.

Current Initiatives

  • Penn Qualitative and Mixed Methods Compendium
  • Qualitative Software Site License

Google Group


Fran Barg
Assistant Professor
UPenn School of Medicine/Arts & Sciences

Roberta Cricco-Lizza
Adjunct Assistant Professor
UPenn School of Nursing

Peter Cronholm
Assistant Professor
UPenn School of Medicine

Janet Deatrick
Associate Professor of Nursing
UPenn School of Nursing

Melissa Dowling
Radiation Oncology
UPenn School of Medicine

Elizabeth Ellis-Ohr
STARS Project Manager
University of Pennsylvania

Sydney Evans
Professor of Radiation Oncology
UPenn School of Medicine

Rachél Fester
PhD Student
UPenn Graduate School of Education

Maureen George
Assistant Professor
UPenn School of Nursing

Jerene Good
Epidemiology Division
UPenn School of Nursing

Patricia Hentz
UPenn School of Nursing

Amy Hillier
Assistant Professor
UPenn School of Design

Linda Hock-Long
Director of Research
Family Planning Council

Matt Holtman
Director of developmental programs
National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME)

Christina Dooyeon Kang
Postdoctoral Fellow
CMHPSR, UPenn School of Medicine

Cynthia Mollen
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
UPenn School of Medicine

Sheila Molony
Postdoctoral Associate
Yale University School of Nursing

Saeher Muzaffar
Fellow, Pulmonary, Allergy, and Critical Care Division
UPenn School of Medicine

Gretchen Suess
Director of Evaluation
Netter Center               

Rebecca Trotta
Nursing Student
UPenn School of Nursing

Jack Truten
Director, Professionalism Education
UPenn School of Medicine

Claudia Valeggia
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
UPenn School of Arts and Sciences

Laura Wolf-Powers
Assisstant Professor of City Planning
UPenn School of Design

Sarah Zlotnik
Research Associate