Sean Lucan, MD

CPHI Adjunct Fellow

Sean Lucan

Affiliation: Department of Family and Social Medicine, Montefiore Medical Center / Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Public Health Interests:

Obesity, diet-related chronic diseases, food environments, dietary behaviors, racial/ethnic and socioeconomic health disparities; neighborhoods and health; social determinants of health

Current Public-Health Related Activities:

I am a family physician and former Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholar.  I care for patients in an urban, low-income, minority neighborhood of the Bronx.  Most of my patients are overweight or obese and suffer from a variety of diet-related chronic diseases.  My research interest is in exploring the individual and environmental influences on dietary behaviors in urban, low-income, minority populations towards reducing diet-related disease disparities for these groups. I have used community-based interviews and freelisting for primary data collection, and food-store inventories and regional health surveys for secondary analyses (statistical and spatial correlation, GIS mapping, and hierarchical modeling). I am a junior investigator in these areas, with several papers in preparation or under review, but none published to date.  A sample of my work under review is listed below.

Select Publications:

Lucan SC, Barg FK, Long JA. “Promoters and barriers to fruit, vegetable, and fast-food consumption among urban, low-income, African Americans—a qualitative approach” [Under Review]

Lucan SC, Mitra N. “Fruit-&-Vegetable and Fast-food consumption and Perceptions of the Food Environment –Census-tract level correlations” [Under Review]

Lucan SC, Karpyn A, Sherman S, Borradaile K, Vander Veur S, Foster G. “Storing empty calories and chronic-disease risk - snack-item inventories in urban corner stores” [Under Review]