About Us

The Penn Asian Health Initiative operates on the mission of utilizing research and community involvement as a dynamic approach to increase the ability of disparate populations to access health services, integrate the research knowledge within academia with the personal experiences of the public community, and engage the community as an active partner with public health professionals working towards the goal of enabling equal quality care access for all.


  • Giang T. Nguyen, MD, MPH, MSCE
    Assistant Professor of Family Medicine and Community Health
    Senior Fellow, Penn Center for Public Health Iniatives
  • E. Nguyen
    Community Research Coordinator

Team Members

  • Jennifer Levy, MPH (c)
  • Nicholas Shungu, MD (c)
  • Leah Hsu, MPH (c)
  • Bei Chen, MD, MPH (c)
  • Hera Ashfaq
  • Ngoc Truong
  • Trung Truong, BA, MSW (c)
  • Rob Verderame
  • Quang T Le, BA
  • Sarah Basham
  • To Nhu Thanh Huynh
  • Diane Dao
  • Julie Son
  • Priya Maranthe
  • William Howoong Chun
  • Teresa Wu