The Health Post – Teacher's Perspective

The Healthy Post has provided our students an opportunity to learn to speak for themselves, voice their opinions, report on their interests and has served as a source of pride for our students, staff and school.  Hands on learning experiences and the respect with which Ms. Marian (as we at Lea call her) runs this program makes our students willing and excited to give up their recess time at least once a week in order to have a chance to meet with her and talk about upcoming stories and plans.  The interviewing process that she presented to the students at the beginning of the year literally opened up the door for at least one student to communicate effectively with adults and, I believe, changed the course of his academic year.  Ms. Marian was able to introduce our students to "press conferences" and helped get our classrooms two computers for student use. 

This program has taught me a great deal about healthy living, writing and the importance and power of the pen (technology) and how it can be enjoyable to our students. I extend my continued gratitude to Ms. Marian, all the programs, organizations and supporters that make this program possible.

- Aviva Habib
Healthy Post Teacher