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Across the BorderCerezos

MPH student Tara MacDowell spent her summer with the Philadelphia-based NGO Federation for International Medical Relief of Children conducting a women's health needs assessment in the communities of Restaurcion, Dominican Republic and Tilori, Haiti. MacDowell relates the struggle Domician and Haitian women face, stating "many of hte Haitian women I spoke with, including those who lived in the DR, were often met with such discrimination at the Dominican health centers that they regularly delayed or even declined seeking care. For these women, proximity to health services did not translate to access."

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Botswana-UPenn Partnership/ CHOP: MPH Student Investigates TB Treatment in Gaborone, Botswana

MPH Student Christian Stilson investigated the experiene of caregivers for children currently on treatment for tuberculosis in and around Gabarone, Botswana. Aiming to capture the experience of being a caregiver, Christian worked closely with Dr. Andrew Steenhoff of CHOP and Dr. Rosemary Frasso of CPHI to develop a research protocol. When he returns this fall...

Senior Pediatric TB Research Nurse Ntzshimane and Stilson


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