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Research Instruments

Investigators at the Center for Psychotherapy Research have played leading roles in developing and testing several research instruments that have proven useful in psychotherapeutic evaluations.

Helping Alliance Questionnaire (HAq-II)

This questionnaire collects data from both the therapist and patient to measure the strength of the bond between therapist and patient, called the "therapeutic alliance."

Please select a link below to download a PDF version of HAq-II material:

Self-Understanding of Interpersonal Patterns Scale (SUIP-R)

Change in self-understanding of maladaptive interpersonal patterns has been an important mechanism of symptom change in theories of dynamic psychotherapy and has been specified as an important treatment outcome by psychotherapy clients. A self-report measure for patients, the SUIP-R Scale, provides important information to therapists about their patients’ levels of self-understanding.

Please select a link below to download a PDF version of SUIP-R material:

Central Relationship Questionnaire (CRQ)

The CRQ measures central relationship patterns, referring to people’s characteristic ways of relating to significant others in terms of their wishes, their perceptions of others' responses to them, and their own responses to both of these.

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