The Tuberous Sclerosis "Clinic Without Walls" program at the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center and Children's Hospital of Philadelphia is co-directed by neurologist Peter B. Crino M.D., Ph.D. and geneticist Katherine Nathanson M.D. The clinic primarily serves patients living in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland but welcomes TSC patients from around the country. The PENN TSC "Clinic Without Walls" is comprised of over 20 medical subspecialists dedicated to the evaluation and treatment of patients with TSC. Our physician staff includes pediatric and adult specialists in dermatology, genetics/genetic counseling, interventional radiology, maternal and fetal medicine, nephrology, neurology, neuropsychiatry, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, and pulmonary medicine.

Children and adults of any age can be seen by a specialist to address clinical issues of all types that may occur in TSC. The clinic provides all levels of care, including the evaluation of previously undiagnosed patients, ongoing follow-up care, and management for TSC patients with a known diagnosis and prenatal counseling. Our interventional radiology specialists provide consultation regarding embolization of renal angiomylipomas.

In association with the PENN Epilepsy Center, the PENN TSC clinic has a particular interest in TSC patients with intractable seizures who may require epilepsy surgery.

Questions regarding TSC or visits to the PENN TSC Clinic can be sent by email to Dr. Crino at:

For an appointment at the PENN Tuberous Sclerosis "Clinic Without Walls", call 215-349-5312.