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2015 CRRWH/ObGyn Annual Research Retreat and 36th Annual James M. Cuozzo Memorial Lecture

Wednesday, May 13, 2015
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Biomedical Research Building II/III Auditorium and Lobby
421 Curie Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA 19104
Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

The retreat will feature presentations and an interactive poster session by our graduate students, postdoctoral researchers and clinical fellows covering all aspects of reproduction and women's health research.

4:00pm Keynote Speaker

photo of Dr. Bianchi
Diana W. Bianchi, M.D.
Natalie V. Zucker Professor of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Tufts University School of Medicine
Vice Chair for Research, Floating Hospital for Children

Executive Director, Mother Infant Research Institute
Tufts Medical Center

Fetal Individualized Medicine: Developing Novel Prenatal Treatments to Address Genetic Disorders

The Retreat is open to everyone; however, lunch will be provided those who registered by May 1st.

Thank you to all trainees who submitted an abstract for our retreat.  All who were selected to give an oral or poster presentation have been notified.

We look forward to seeing you there.


FINAL CRRWH ObGyn Research Retreat Schedule

May 13, 2015


Morning Session

9:00 am Welcoming Remarks - BRB II/III Auditorium

 Deborah Driscoll, MD

Luigi Mastroianni Professor and Chair, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology; Director, Center for Research on Reproduction and Women’s Health

Oral Presentations by our graduate students, postdoctoral research and clinical fellows

Morning Session Moderator: Monica Mainigi, MD


9:10 am Luz-Jeannette Sierra Cervicovaginal inflammation induces miRNAs in cervical tissue: a potential mechanism for premature cervical remodeling and preterm birth


9:25 am Ashley F. Haggerty The link between obesity and endometrial cancer: A lack of knowledge but an opportunity for intervention


9:40 am Caitlin J. Stashwick Follicle-stimulating hormone receptor as a target in the redirected T-cell therapy for cancer


9:55 am Daniel Tamae Resistance to P450c17 inhibitors in resistant prostate cancer may result from the DHEA-S depot that remains and can be used by AKR1C3 for intratumoral androgen biosynthesis

10:10 am Kai Doberstein The role of L1CAM in ovarian carcinoma

10:25 am Coffee break


10:45 am Interactive Poster Session – BRB II/III Lobby


Posters selected for presentation in 4 major areas:


Maternal-Child Health, Reproduction and Development,

 Women’s Health, Reproductive Oncology


12:15 pm Luncheon - Invited Speakers and Registrants - BRB II/III Lobby


Seating for lunch is available in the BRB lobby, 251 BRB,

1301 BRB and the 14th floor BRB Faculty lounge


Afternoon Session - Moderator: Andrea Facciabene, PhD


1:30 pm Kelly K. Ruhstaller Does external environment impact the rate of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy and gestational diabetes?


1:45 pm Neda Ghaffari Is placental miRNA expression altered by obesity?


2:00 pm Rachel Weinerman Ongoing pregnancy rate is improved by selecting embryos with optimal cleavage kinetics in a mouse model


2:15 pm Stavros Rafail The role of the gut microbiome in ovarian cancer


2:30 pm Amita Bansal Multigenerational sex-specific effects of maternal Bisphenol A (BPA) exposure on pancreatic islets


2:45 pm Qi Fu The RNA MOV10L1 binds piRNA precursors to initiate piRNA processing


3:00 pm Xiaowen Hu Identification of oncogenic Ras regulated long non-coding RNAs in human cancer


3:15 pm Lisa A. Vrooman Assisted Reproduction Technologies induce abnormal placental development and epigenetic perturbations in the mouse

3:30 pm Presentation of Awards and Graduates


3:35 pm Break


4:00 pm James M. Cuozzo Memorial Lecture


Diana W. Bianchi, M.D.

Natalie V. Zucker Professor of Pediatrics,

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Tufts University School of Medicine

Vice Chair for Research, Floating Hospital for Children

Executive Director, Mother Infant Research Institute

Tufts Medical Center

Fetal Individualized Medicine: Developing Novel Prenatal Treatments to Address Genetic Disorders

 Research Awards

Three research awards were established in honor of Professors Susan Heyner, Ph.D., Bayard T. Storey, Ph.D. and Joseph Touchstone, Ph.D. These three individuals served the Division of Reproductive Biology, the CRRWH, the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the University of Pennsylvania with distinction over the course of their careers as faculty. The awards are given on an annual basis to non-faculty trainees and staff who have distinguished themselves by their research contribution during the past calendar year.

Interactive Poster Session BRB II/III Lobby


Group I Maternal-Child Health

Moderators - Drs. Samuel Parry and Michal Elovitz


10:45 AM Adi Hirshberg 24 hour postpartum fluid balance impacts postpartum hypertension resolution and readmission in women with preeclampsia


11:00 AM Cassidy H. BlundelI A microengineered model of the human placental barrier

11:15 AM Julie A. Romero Does midtrimester cervical length impact the success of trial of labor after cesarean?


11:30 AM Kathleen E. Morrison Peripubertal adversity in females programs a blunted stress reactive phenotype only during pregnancy


11:45 AM Carrie E. Barnum Exploring differences in the tensile mechanical properties of the pregnant and non-pregnant mouse cervix


12:00 PM Eldin Jasarevic Alterations in the vaginal microbiome by maternal stress are associated with metabolic reprogramming of the offspring gut and brain

Group II Reproduction and Development / Women’s Health

Moderators Drs. Anuja Dokras and Christos Coutifaris


10:45 AM Frances Xin  Assessing the transmission of an altered epigenotype and phenotype following exposure to endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs)


11:00 AM Tianzhu Zang Quantitation of human androgens by stable isotope dilution LC-ESI-MS/MS method and its application in clinical samples


11:15 AM Avita K. Pahwa Nocturnal enuresis: a potential marker for falls risk in older some with urinary incontinence


11:30 AM Carol A. Margolis Prenatal X-linked hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia using recombinant EDI200 in canine


11:45 AM Christine M. Chu Risk factors for a prediction model of overactive bladder after sacrocolpopexy


12:00 PM Steven J. Weissbart The impact of dry mouth on fluid intake and overactive bladder symptoms


Group III Reproductive Oncology

 Moderator - Dr. Lin Zhang


10:45 AM Hyoung Kim A true orthotopic ovarian cancer patient-derived xenograft (PDX) model


11:00 AM Christina Washington Incidental uterine malignancy following laparoscopic supracervical hysterectomy in a national cohort


11:15 AM David I. Shalowitz Geographic access to gynecologic cancer care in the United States


11:30 AM Jessica L. Chan Low antral follicle count a significant predictor of cycle cancellation and oocyte yield in patients treated with chemotherapy

11:45 AM Junying Wang Targeting TEM1-positive ovarian cancer with novel antibody-drug conjugate, 78Fc-MMAE


12:00 PM Marcia Hernandez Expression of Programmed Cell Death Ligand 1 (PD-L1) in Ovarian Cancer Cells after Treatment with Carboplatin



Group IV Reproductive Oncology

Moderator: Dr. Chunsheng Li


10:45 AM Keith Schutsky RNA CAR T cell therapy for the treatment of BRCA-associated cancers expressing folate receptor


11:00 AM Sondra, H. Calhoun Targeting HER2+ canine neoplasia with chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-T cells


11:15 AM Stefano Pierini A tumor mitochondria vaccine protects against experimental renal cell carcinoma


11:30 AM Mireia Uribe-Herranz Liposome-encapsulated Doxorubicin is a promising adjuvant to increase the efficacy of mTERT DNA-vaccine


11:45 AM Yi Guo Saporin conjugated 78Fc targeting TEM1/CD248 for sarcoma treatment


12:00 PM Youyou Zhang Long non-coding RNA, LINP1, regulates DNA damage repair and apoptosis in ovarian and breast cancers



For additional information call or e-mail Donna Adamoli at 215-573-5446,